Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Fourteen years ago today I posted about how my GMail had just crossed 1.5 gigs. As of today my GMail is nearly 13 gigs. That is adding around 800 megs of email a year. I should have tried to make a guess at the current numbers as I would have been way off in both size of my current GMail (I think I would have guessed 20 gigs.)

2/6/2023 8:58 am | | Tags: email, storage, gmail

My heart goes out to the Turkish people

This massive of an earthquake in the middle of winter for that country is going to be devastating.

2/6/2023 9:08 am | | Tags: turkiye, earthquake, natural disaster Browser Extension

An interesting browser extension which highlights when you find a blog which has a Mastodon verification link embedded to help you spot new people to follow.

2/6/2023 9:35 am | | Tags: chrome, firefox, mastodon, extension

Guy discovers Rage Against the Machine

YouTube randomly put this video on my feed. I assume because I went through a bit of classic rock as background music during D&D this Saturday. Always love seeing people react to great music.

2/6/2023 9:28 pm | | Tags: music, rage against the machine

Carl Sagan and my mom

So, I had reason to look up about Carl Sagan's death today. And I was surprised to learn two things:

  1. I had no idea that he had died in Seattle after a bone-marrow transplant at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center.
  2. He died from a disease very similar to the one that my mom had. He died of a myelodisplasia syndrome and the resulting pneumonia. My mother died of myelofibrosis which is a subtype of myelodisplasia.

Two random facts which endear him to me even more.

2/6/2023 9:40 pm | | Tags: carl sagan

The gruesome tragedy in Turkiye surpasses 4,000 dead

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared seven days of national mourning, and Syria has appealed to the United Nations for help following devastating earthquakes that killed more than 4,000 people and toppled buildings across southeast Turkey and northern Syria.

Authorities fear the death toll from Monday's predawn magnitude 7.8 temblor, followed by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake and several aftershocks will continue to climb as rescuers looked for survivors among tangles of metal and concrete spread across a region already suffering under Syria's 12-year civil war and a refugee crisis.

2/6/2023 9:59 pm | | Tags: turkiye, natural disaster, earthquake

Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera performed by Nightwish

I had no idea I needed this, but clearly I do. An excellent performance.

2/6/2023 10:04 pm | | Tags: nightwish, musical

The Tau manifesto

Pi or Tau. Its how you start fights with mathematicians. This page lays out the case for the rise of Tau over Pi.

2/6/2023 10:17 pm | | Tags: math, tau, pi

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