Monday, February 13th, 2023

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I regularly wake up with random songs stuck in my head, and this was this morning's. I have no idea how it got there or why. Enjoy.

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A light weekend recap

As far as weekends go, that was an enjoyable one. Saturday was a largely productive day with us getting some stuff put away in the garage before I had a video call with family and then also got to play some poker with my brothers thanks to No money, just fun and bragging rights.

Sunday was a chill morning and then our friend came over. We introduced her to the local burger chain: Dick's. And then came home to watch the Superbowl, but also to introduce her to the utter trainwreck that is the awful "Milf Manor" reality show on TLC.

I also attempted to catch up some on the backlog of articles I have to read. I got through a half-dozen of them or so, but there are still several dozen. I am getting close to doing a purge, accepting that the recency or events at the time I saved them might no longer be relevant. We'll see how the next few days go.

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Not quite an annual tradition, but close. Last year I did our taxes while watching the Superbowl. This year, I did them today rather than during the game yesterday because we had a friend over to watch the game with us. And while I think our friend would have been amused, I couldn't bring myself to do our taxes while they were here.

I continue to wish for the end of the US Tax industry and for our government to just do it the way they should.

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You read the story online every so often about how the ancient Greek's couldn't see blue. And I always shook my head at it as some silly thing and nuance of linguistics, but tonight my brain just clicked on it and it made sense to me.

English has plenty of words for colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Black, Orange and Violet. (The colors in an 8-pack of crayons.)

And yet there are still more colors: black, blue, blue green, blue violet, brown, carnation pink, green, orange, red, red orange, red violet, violet (purple), white, yellow, yellow green, yellow orange. (Yup, 16-pack.)

Did these 8 new colors not exist previously? No, they just weren't named. We've identified arbitrary locations in a color wheel and assigned words to them. I guarantee other cultures and other people have identified colors and shades which English has no word for aside from #A82065 (a hex code I just made up on the spot and which turns out to be a lovely pink shade.)

So, the Greeks somehow decided to avoid giving blue its own name, but instead folded it into greens - my brain clicked on it tonight and I get it.

Well... so I decided to know more, and so I googled it and found this blog entry (take it with a grain of salt).

More specifically: yes, you can say 'blue' in ancient Greek. More precisely, Greek has words for the area of the colour palette that English calls 'blue'. But English 'blue' covers a huge region of the palette. Greek splits it into multiple smaller regions: glaukos for lighter, non-vivid shades; kyaneos for darker non-vivid shades ranging to black; porphyreos for vivid shades ranging from blue to violet to ruby, but also for less vivid shades in the middle of that range (light magenta, pink); lampros for metallic-silvery-azure. Yes, ancient sources do mention sky colour: it's glaukos or lampros. It's just that Homer doesn't mention the sky's colour (and why would he).

Colors and language. It's complicated.

2/13/2023 11:31 pm | | Tags: color theory, colors, linguistics, ancient greek
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