Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

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Bob Marley on Perfection

"Who cares about perfection? Even the moon is not perfect. The sea is incredibly beautiful but salty and dark. The sky is infinite, but often cloudy. Everything that is beautiful isn't perfect, it's special. Every woman can be special to someone."

As you'll note, this link goes to Snopes who investigated if Marley ever said this. They couldn't find its source but also couldn't disprove it. For me, I'll believe he said it until proven otherwise.

2/28/2023 7:12 am | | Tags: quote, bob marley

How different colors got their name

Fascinating. Found this on Reddit and had to snag it for the blog.

2/28/2023 9:14 am | | Tags: infographic, colors, linguistics

An incredible guide to help you figure out when an undated map was printed

2/28/2023 2:28 pm | | Tags: cartography, map, history

A thread about Dominos Pizza Tracker

It works largely the way I expected, but interesting to see it broken down.

2/28/2023 10:01 pm | | Tags: technology

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Chess For the Day

Record: 1-0-0
Net Elo Change: +5

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