Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

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Washington scraps plan for all students to get free lunch

Sad to see this isn't carrying through. They are still working on expanding it for the poorest students in elementary school, but still, we should do better.

3/2/2023 9:06 am | | Tags: washington, education

The time for a unified time zone for the Moon has arrived

3/2/2023 12:57 pm | | Tags: space, moon, nasa, time

"AI Is Magic"

The best description I've ever heard of AI is the following. I heard this in the 80s, and it has held up since:

AI is magic.

  • You see a magic trick. You are amazed by the magic.
  • You are shown how the trick works. You are impressed by the technique.
  • You learn how to perform the trick. Now it's not magic, it's sleight-of-hand, or mirrors, or misdirection.

This is why "AI" is always bullshit: once you understand it, it's not AI any more, it's something else.

3/2/2023 7:06 pm | | Tags: artificial intelligence, magic

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Chess For the Day

Record: 2-0-4 Net Elo Change: -11

Games Played

3/2/2023 10:45 pm | | Tags: chess, automated
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