Saturday, March 4th, 2023

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A Learning Salon

I can only assume it's a combination of the Social School thing I shared a week or so ago, and other latent subconscious wants, but last night I had a dream about hosting a "learning salon" which is disappointingly fancy sounding for my brain, but the idea was having people over to the house for the express purpose of studying or learning things - both as a group and as an individual.

I think we were learning Dutch as a group? And I recall a few people knitting a giant... sock? Something tubular and far too large to be worn by a normal person.

Anyways, that happened last night.

Update: And as soon as I finish posting this, I remember the other clobbering fact of the above dream. A very familiar face suddenly appeared at the gathering, but it was notably a coworker who passed away several years ago - however I took the appearance entirely in stride as I knew it was their twin brother (who doesn't exist.)

3/4/2023 9:40 am | | Tags: dream

DRM means you don't own the files

The "Roald Dahl books being updated for a modern audience" drama continues to generate an unreasonable amount of headlines in my feeds. Most recently is another iteration of people discovering the digital item they bought can be modified after the fact.

It shocks me how often people continue to be surprised when they purchase digital items hosted or owned on a third party server.

If it has any sort of DRM and is not a standalone file on your own machine, then this is a reality of it. You didn't buy the file. You bought a digital pass to enable you access to it. If they change it, yours is changed. If they remove it, yours is removed (presumably with a refund of some sort.) If the company goes away, your key is suddenly no good at all.

Please, people - learn and understand this.

3/4/2023 9:52 am | | Tags: digital rights management, ebooks

Taskmaster remains one of the greatest TV shows ever

I have a deep love for Taskmaster. I discovered it during Covid and, genuinely, it has the highest laugh per minute ratio of any show I've ever watched. It also has a healthy lead in number of times it has left me crying laughing.

Here's a complete episode from the 13th series on YouTube. Enjoy.

3/4/2023 12:03 pm | | Tags: bbc

Heroes of Might and Magic was released 24 years ago today

3/4/2023 1:10 pm | | Tags: video games


This video was originally published 13 years ago on Vimeo as a sizzle reel for a potential tv show. It has lived rent free in my head since then, and it was resurfaced with the passing of Tom Sizemore due to the shared surname with Mike Sizemore, its director.

I love so much about this sizzle, from the tone and setting, to the characters and overall concept.

3/4/2023 1:30 pm | | Tags: scifi, television

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