Thursday, March 16th, 2023

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I learned how to use ffmpeg last night to rotate videos from the terminal. Going to be a big help going forward rather than having to wrestle with VLC's convert functionality.

3/16/2023 7:18 am | | Tags: linux, ffmpeg, programming

This morning's soundtrack

I've been a long time fan of this channel on YouTube. I love listening to the foreign music because, first, it's usually fantastic. And second, being non-English, it helps me not get distracted by the music.

3/16/2023 9:41 am | | Tags: music, japan, vinyl

Important lesson today. If you're going to get pizza from Costco, phone the call in as you're shopping and don't order it at the kiosk after you check out.

3/16/2023 8:17 pm | | Tags: costco, pizza

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Record: 2-0-4
Net Elo Change: -11

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