Sunday, April 30th, 2023

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On Titanium Rings

Back in 2010, when I was engaged, Katie and I bought my ring from Amazon. I found one I liked, a big wide ring that I felt would look good on my larger than average hands. Plus, it was cheap. Just $50. Win win. We got it laser engraved and on October 10th of that year, we slipped it on my finger. Where it has stayed every since.

A few years later, someone pointed out that there is a big problem with titanium rings.

If some injury should occur and my ring finger on my left hand begins to swell, EMTs and the hospital are going to be unable to cut my ring off. Titanium is too strong. What do they do? They have to amputate the finger.

As far as fingers go, I don't have any huge sentimental attachment to my left ring finger. Aside from the fact it carries this ring. Like, will my life be hugely altered if I lost that finger? Probably not. I can still type. I can still do everything I do. But, you know what? I kind of want to keep the finger regardless of that.

So, I've had this threat in my mind for a few years. Playing the the low low odds of that sort of event ever occurring. But, finally I decide it's time. So, last week, I got fed a Facebook ad for a company that does themed latex rings. Enso, is a ring company that offers Star Wars and other IP licensed latex rings in various colors and designs.

I wasn't interested in a Grogu ring, or a Disney princess ring (though they do have Lord of the Ring rings, which I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered... but I decided against.) But they also had some simple plain ones. I found one which looked to be a simple beveled "cut" and decided to place the order. $28! For what is essentially a latex gasket? Okay, I'm getting old. But I ordered it.

It arrived yesterday and to my surprise, it slid on perfectly and was shockingly comfortable. I almost can't tell it is on my finger. When you wear a ring everyday for ten years, the feel of it becomes normal and not wearing it feels weird. That's the phase I'm in now with this new ring. It feels weirdly absent despite being on my finger.

The old ring is safely on top of my dresser for now. Though my plan is to put it on a leather string and keep it as a necklace. We just need to either find the leather we have, or go buy some more. Notably though, while on a string around my neck, it is not a threat to the existence of the ring finger on my left hand - which feels like the correct decision.

4/30/2023 8:37 am | | Tags: personal, life

Ding Liren is the new world champion for chess

Ding Liren of China is the new world chess champion, succeeding Magnus Carlsen who announced last year that he would not defend his title. Ding Liren's journey to this is the stuff of movies.

Carlsen held the title for ten years and seemingly could hold it for ten more. His desire to not defend the title is probably a combination of a few things, including simply just being tired of the work required for it and preferring to be the best player in the world without having to worry about the championship tournament.

Had he chosen to defend it, the match would have been him vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi. Since Carlsen decided to abdicate his throne it became Nepomniachtchi against the second-place finisher in the tournament which chooses who gets to fight for the title: Ding Liren.

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SimplyLocal Android App

An app which shows you local farmers who sell different things direct to consumers.

The app's author posted to the Seattle subreddit sharing this project of theirs.

Here's the link for the iPhone version.

4/30/2023 10:14 am | | Tags: android, local, farming

It's a good thing I've spent my life an Atlanta Falcons fan. Otherwise, not sure how I could go on supporting Tottenham.

This recent run and the past few years of revolving door for coaches is just... a lot.

4/30/2023 10:48 am | | Tags: soccer, atlanta falcons, tottenham hotspurs, premier league

Kraken eliminate Avalanche after 7 games to advance in the Stanley Cup

4/30/2023 9:34 pm | | Tags: nhl, hockey, seattle kraken

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