Thursday, May 11th, 2023

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Seattle International Film Festival buys Cinerama

Cinerama was the movie theater that Paul Allen funded as a fan of movies. It closed in 2020 and has been since then. Well, that changes soon. SIFF announced it has purchased Cinerama.

5/11/2023 7:54 pm | | Tags: movies, seattle

"FDA relaxes blood donation guidelines for gay and bisexual men"

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Thursday it had officially eliminated restrictions that had previously prohibited many blood donations by gay and bisexual men — a longstanding policy that critics say is discriminatory.

5/11/2023 7:56 pm | | Tags: blood, fda, lgbtq

I wish joy and happiness to all my friends who will be jamming Zelda this weekend.

5/11/2023 8:40 pm | | Tags: game, videogame, nintendo, zelda

Seattle-area Pagliacci pizza is planning delivery via drones

I shared a video a few weeks ago about Zipline and its work in Africa delivering medicine. It was very cool stuff. To hear that they are in discussions to explore using the drones for delivery is surprising. To do it in Seattle, home of Amazon, seems like a bold move.

We'll see.

But, I mean, I'd love to be able to get Pagliacci's delivered to my neck of the woods.

5/11/2023 8:42 pm | | Tags: pizza, drones, seattle

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Chess For the Day

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