Sunday, May 14th, 2023

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Just finished watching my first-ever Eurovision championship. I, of course, knew what it was but only in the dictionary sense. I had never really seen it. Due to my friends who live in Europe I probably knew more about it than most Americans, but it was still only from afar and without having a real understanding of it.

Katie and I put it on, seeing it available on Peacock. And as we were about six countries into the introduction I decided we needed to stop and watch it with our friend Annie. We had been planning to do movie night tonight but we pulled an audible and watched this year's finals.

As far as first viewings, we really enjoyed it. And we also appreciated the ability to fast forward through some of the VERY drawn out segments. I'm all for giving the countries the ability to chime in and be involved, but the vote counting was a part we jumped through.

Katie and Annie were both very disappointed to learn that people could win Eurovision multiple times. They felt it should not be allowed.

I can definitely see us planning to tune in for it next year, we'll see if we watch it live or wait for the recording on streaming. Also, I can't help but wonder if we would ever see a similar competition in the US, separating by state and protectorate. Probably not, but who knows. Then we could have the classic SuperVision, between Amerivision and Eurovision champions.

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