Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

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Simple Feed Filter

Since FreshRSS doesn't really offer filtering by feed, I'm wondering if I should do a simple RSS pass through which takes in a RSS feed url and a string of filter terms and then spits out a corresponding RSS feed removing posts which get filtered.

5/16/2023 11:19 am | | Tags: idea, programming, rss

I am growing more and more tempted to reset my YouTube algorithm. I'm shockingly disappointed these days when I log into it. So often it recommends things it has recommended before and which I continue to choose not to watch. It's baffling. I don't know if the creators in my bubble are just on a low production quantity, or what, but I'm just more and more finding myself scrolling and reloading in hopes of something new to suddenly take my attention.

5/16/2023 10:02 pm | | Tags: youtube, content, entertainment

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Wallabag Additions

These are articles that which I saved today so that I may read them later. Substance and quality will vary drastically.

Chess For the Day

Record: 2-1-7
Net Elo Change: -22

Games Played

5/16/2023 10:45 pm | | Tags: automated, longreads, chess

American businesswoman Michele Kang buys the OL Group to form first female sports group

I've been aware of this story for a bit because it affects my local women's team, the currently named OL Reign.

So, the tldr: Seattle Reign launched with the NWSL. A few years ago the owners sold the majority steak to Olympic Lyonne in France. They are a powerhouse and already own several other teams (both mens and womens.) Since the sale though, they haven't really done much visibly with the club other than help loan us players from their Europe teams.

It came out a few months ago that this deal was in the works. The rub? Michele Kang owns another NWSL team, the Washington Spirit (after having taken control after the previous owners were ousted for, let's say - problematic views.)

So now that she owns two NWSL teams, clearly one needs to go. So the Reign are up for sale as this deal finishes. No word on buyers. The hope is either the Sounders, or the female owner group for the Seattle Storm take them on. We'll see.

Aside from the negative (kind of) impact on the Reign, I'm glad to see this business develop and hopefully Kang has a successful (in all ways but beating the Reign) result.

5/16/2023 10:56 pm | | Tags: soccer, sports

"Which countries still have the death penalty?"

The number of recorded executions increased by 53 percent in 2022, according to a new report released by Amnesty International.

A total of 883 people were executed in 19 countries last year, compared with 579 known executions in 2021.

These figures exclude China, where data on the death penalty is classified as a state secret and where Amnesty estimates thousands of executions have been carried out.

5/16/2023 11:04 pm | | Tags: death penalty, global politics

"Butterflies evolved from moths about 100 million years ago in North America"

5/16/2023 11:05 pm | | Tags: science, butterflies, insects, moths
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