Monday, May 22nd, 2023

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Polar outpost at night looks other worldly

The red light is amazingly unearthly. This is just one of the photos, many more after the link.

5/22/2023 11:41 am | | Tags: arctic, science, light pollution

Alzheimer's study points to good sleep as a possible tool to resist it

The link is to the abstract info on the academic research url. There is also an article on WSJ which discusses it, but it is similarly behind a paywall.

The core of it is that they studied the use of a sleep drug for how it affected the presence of other chemicals in the spinal fluid which correlate to Alzheimer's.

The study is far from a smoking gun, but is just another arrow that can be interpreted. The big thing is that if it proves true, then it becomes a concrete thing that people can do on their own to try and lessen risks of it. The same way that exercise is something individuals can do to resist diabetes and other similar risks, sleep could be that for dementia and other neurological issues. Neither guarantee safety, but they offer some additional benefit.

We will see how further studies result in this area, but for now - it's a good reason to try and not skimp on sleep (this is a note to myself.)

5/22/2023 1:10 pm | | Tags: neurology, alzheimers, dementia, sleep

AI Control Theory

What if the secret to combatting artificial intelligence's rise to power ends up not being about controlling the software, but instead in controlling the overall processing speeds?

This is a stupid idea and might have enough for a short story, but the idea came to me as an interesting idea.

Society accepts the fears of AI, and they come together and agree upon maximum process speeds for CPUs and GPUs. Technology turns to iterating on stretching those resources or finding orthogonal technologies to improve computing.

5/22/2023 10:26 pm | | Tags: story, short fiction
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