Monday, June 19th, 2023

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Behemoth Coding Update

The biggest obstacle to me starting on Behemoth, my collection management software, has been the database. I've had the schema concept for over a year; but, now that I have finally started to sit down and code it I've begun to find issues with it. They are, thus far, all addressable and largely just oversights from the simplistic schema. One example is that I had not fleshed out how exactly I'd track the collection-specific entry details in such a way that would enable the flexibility of the system I envisioned.

I am convinced the idea is sound, it just is proving to require a bit more nuance than I had originally conceived.

As I write more, I am more and more excited to be learning Laravel. Its power has been immediately obvious. Comparing the experience from the work on web apps I've coded entirely on my own for pathing and models, as well as their implementation of database management for deployments, etc. It is just obviously powerful and robust.

Additionally, I'm learning Tailwind CSS. It's an interesting concept which entirely assigns elements to objects rather than adopting the semantic CSS concept where you define larger classes, etc. I will say I'm not yet convinced by it, the way I am with Laravel. But we'll see. Perhaps the simplicity of it will convince me.

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