Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

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Behemoth morning code

I woke up at 5 this morning and so I decided to finally start implementing stuff on Behemoth, rather than just getting it framed and basically styled.

So, this morning, I figured out login and registration in Laravel. It was overall pleasantly easy. Though I made my life harder as the default identifying field is 'name' with the framework. Because I changed it to be 'username' in the table it didn't work right away. I had to trace through code and update it which took a little longer. That said, I had it all sorted and working in roughly 40 minutes.

I suppose I could have just reverted the table's column name but that breaks the naming structure I have defined so I'd have to go through and update table details.

So, it's fixed and working. Now the real fun can begin.

6/22/2023 7:22 am | | Tags: programming, behemoth, php, laravel

Writing scripts descended from Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Found this nifty infographic which looks at languages which descended from Egyptian hieroglyphs, including the language you're reading this blog in! (Presumably. I suppose there is a non-zero, though very low, possibility of someone coming to my blog and translating it into a non-indoeuropean language.)

The linked post delves into the background of the graphic and also includes several interesting tidbits about the different kind of writing systems - from "true alphabets" such as the Latin alphabet, to alphasyllabary scripts, to logograms and more.

6/22/2023 7:35 am | | Tags: linguistics, egypt, language

Japan reveals that a 48-year program forcibly sterilized 16,500 people - including children as young as nine years old

Campaigners in Japan have reacted angrily to a government report revealing that children as young as nine were among thousands of people who were forcibly sterilised under a eugenics law that was not repealed until the 1990s.

The 1,400-page report, submitted to parliament this week, details how, between 1948 and 1996, about 16,500 people were operated on without their consent under the law, which aimed to "prevent the birth of poor-quality descendants … and to protect the life and health of the mother". Most of the victims were women.

Just what the hell. This program ended less than 30 years ago. The math is that they did this roughly to a person a day for nearly fifty years.

6/22/2023 7:38 am | | Tags: japan, eugenics, wtf

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Chess For the Day

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Wikipedia on my Shelf Progress

At this moment my PC is downloading nearly 10,000 entries from Wikipedia as part of my idea of a locally hosted version of the encyclopedia. I'm making use of the Vital articles project, specifically level 4, which is roughly ten thousand entries on various topics.

I cobbled together a python script to pull from the API, parse the HTML to markdown, strip any lingering tags (such as spans, abbrs, etc.)

It isn't perfect, no images from the entries are brought over. I'll work on that further in a future iteration.

Not sure what to call this project. I called the folder "Wikindle" as a smerging of "wikipedia" and "kindle" but I don't love that name. I'll play around with it.

I also have an idea for this to be a "living" archive. Where perhaps it is a cron script which runs nightly for that day's top X entries, and snags them, accruing more and more notable content over time. Obviously quality will vary, but we'll see how it goes. Then, every few months, I update the Kindle.

Lastly, my observation as I work on code this evening. It remains comforting that ChatGPT struggles with some very basic coding concepts. I know lots of people worry LLMs will lead to the end of programmers but that simply isn't true as far as I can see. At least, not without more massive steps forward.

6/22/2023 11:06 pm | | Tags: programming, project, wikipedia, python
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