Friday, July 7th, 2023

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Blackbird sung in the Mi'kmaq language

The International Year of Indigenous Languages is a United Nations observance in 2019 that aims to raise awareness of the consequences of the endangerment of Indigenous languages across the world, with an aim to establish a link between language, development, peace, and reconciliation.

To bring awareness to this important cause students at Allison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni, Cape Breton recorded Paul McCartney's Blackbird in their native Mi'kmaq language.

Found via OpenCulture

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Polenta came from Old English

This delightful blog publishes an Old English word everyday. I don't know why, but I find it fascinating. Most days it is mundane or weird or antiquated. But to see today that 'polenta' was used in Old English is fascinating. I had assumed that word was from Italian or Spanish or some other language which English adopted.

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That Time Topher Grace Backed Me Up

My usage of Trick for my name is sometimes not obvious to folks. This is one such example of the realization happening a few years ago on Twitter. An acquaintance had it click and I provided the background that I had been inspired by Topher Grace for it. And then the legend himself backed me up.

Good times.

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Canadian court rules a thumbs up emoji as contractually binding

Growing up, I came to believe contracts were only complex and long legal documents between lawyers and businesses or famous people. Then on TV the lawyers in those dramas always have an episode (at least one) which hinges on some drunkenly scrawled contract on a bar napkin.

The reality is contracts only need five things:

So the emoji thumbs up, at least in Canadian court, represents a legally binding acceptance.

Honestly, I find this problematic. My mother-in-law was just remarking how she hadn't understood her nephew's thumbs-up responses to be acknowledging of the messages and she was wondering what he was agreeing with.

The thumbs-up to me can represent agreement, but it also can represent acknowledgment. If legal doctrine now says it is contractually agreement, is there an emoji to represent acknowledgment? Is it 🤔, the thinking face emoji?

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Gratuitious Elwood Photo

7/7/2023 6:13 pm | | Tags: dog, pets, elwood

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