Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

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Wolfram discusses LLMs and studying Physics

Wolfram is a brilliant mind in today's world, and he went from studying physics and science to having an outsized impact on computer and technology. So I wanted to hear what he thought about the potential for ChatGPT and other LLMs in general, and the framing for a specific field of science is interesting.

I'm posting as I start listening (which is very common for me.) If there are any notable things I want to capture from it, I'll update this post.

9/5/2023 11:31 am | | Tags: machine learning, artificial intelligence, stephen wolfram, physics

"Harry Browne’s 17 Golden Rules of Financial Safety"

I saw this and threw it in my wallabag to read later. Having read it this morning, the reality is that it is for people in a better financial positions than I am. However, it is very good and salient advice.

9/5/2023 11:34 am | | Tags: money, wealth, investing

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