Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

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So, given the eclipse, I've seen it brought up again how we are, as far as we know, the only planet in the galaxy which experiences total solar eclipses. It's an astronomical anomaly that our moon perfectly covers the sun.

I have zero proof, but I have been wondering if this isn't simply coincidence, but is instead one of the multitude of variables which was needed to enable our life to exist. Not only does a planet need to be in the Goldilocks zone with water available, but it also needs a moon of proper size to drive the tides similar to ours.

Probably not, but I can't shake the thought.

4/9/2024 6:38 am | | Tags: space, astronomy, science

Inject tonight's D&D session into my veins. So much fun, intrigue, confusion, and anxiety given to my players... chefs kiss

4/9/2024 9:22 pm | | Tags: dungeon master, dungeons and dragons

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