Monday, May 27th, 2024

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Database Victory


I have spent far too long trying to resolve the database issues for Wyrmling, my collection management tool. It now appears to finally be done correctly. I'm using Laravel as the PHP framework and it has a fantastic tool for defining database structure so that it can be stored in git. It took me far too long to sort out the database definitions, but tonight it all ran successfully, including setting up the foreign keys.

Now that the database is setup, I can finally move on to building the remaining 99.5% of the app.

5/27/2024 12:31 am | | Tags: programming, php, mysql, laravel, wyrmling

Fallout (2024) - 4 of 5 PIP Boys


I binged Fallout this weekend after putting it off. I never played the games and just didn't expect to enjoy it. The real reason I enjoyed it is unquestionably Walton Goggins.

5/27/2024 11:16 pm | | Tags: television, streaming, amazon, fallout, review

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