Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

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A Much Needed Update

The following post was from my original blog on, it is archived here for posterity purposes

I fell silent for a few reasons, first and foremost among them was that I broke it off with K this week and it tore me up to do it. I hate the idea of causing someone else pain. The good news is that she and I seem to be making progress and I need to call her back tomorrow.

Oh, and I am pretty sure I got scabies. K got it from her sister over Christmas break and I think I got it from her. I am headed for the campus clinic tomorrow. I've done my homework and am going to ask for some creme from them as well as put every article of clothing I own, clean or dirty, through the wash. Anything I can't wash will be locked away to avoid re-infection. This includes my warm bed comforter, so I am not quite sure how I'll stay warm at night... But I'll figure it out.

I was faced with quite a debacle this evening as I had an influx of money, and I of course had to find a way to spend it. So I was planning out a second machine so I could run dedicated linux... and then it struck me that I also wanted to get new armor for SCA.

Damn, why do I have to make the tough decisions. Why can't I just be rich and buy everything?

Speaking of being rich, I'm in the process of finally getting my web design business off the ground. I worked on the site a fair bit over the last week and did a lot of detail work today while watching Atlanta suffer in Philly.

Oh it was horrid. I was so excited that I woke up early today, like 9am to get up and settle into the couch and watch pre-game football for the morning and early afternoon. Then at 3pm I reclaim the TV from my video gaming roommate and watch with bated breath as we kick off, and then scream in agony as the pain begins.

But to be truthful, I did watch the game from beginning to end and the entire time was bantering and trash talking with a dear friend who now lives in the snowy-white armpit that is Pennsylvania. It was nice because to be honest, none of my roommates are big Football fans. One roommate sat downstairs with me but he dozed in and out while listening to music on his new IPod. So I wouldn't have had anyone to talk to. But my friend and I shared in good plays and in trash talking the other team.

It was fun, but since my Falcons are officially out, I'll root for those who dethroned us and send the Eagles my cheer.

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