Sunday, August 16th, 2020

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History Through the Lens of a Survivor

Terence S. Kirk was a POW during WWII in Japan. He managed to make a camera while in the prison and captured amazing photos. The site is just a peek at some of the photos, it looks like there is a documentary coming. But it's still a fascinating story and site.

I have an Acer laptop I picked up a few years ago cheap. (I don't recommend it.) It worked for a few months and then the hard drive crashed and I stuffed it in a closet. Earlier today I decided to dig it out and realized I could pull the hard drive out of my other old laptop, which was dead for power supply issues and memory issues. After a few hours to install linux (specifically I went with Lubuntu) I have a new home work machine that is more than powerful enough for web coding projects, writing, and reading, etc. Got to love it when hoarding old hardware pays off.

"Do You Get Shit for Your Name?"

How Not to Lose the Lockdown Generation

Lessons from the New Deal point the way forward in the era of Covid-19.

Fastest star ever seen is moving at 8% the speed of light

A leisurely 53,649,330.26 miles per hour. For comparison, Earth moves at roughly 1,000 miles per hour. So... fast.

The Origin Of The Name "Kansas City Royals" In Black Baseball

Excerpts from a 1985 article which discusses the origins of the Royals' name from the Negro baseball leagues.

The True Story of Kudzu, the Vine That Never Truly Ate the South

Growing up in the south, I am well aware of kudzu. I grew up hearing exactly the stories about it that this article discusses.

The Fantasy and the Cyberpunk Futurism of Singapore

Tied to this article, I managed to check out William Gibson's Agency. I've read nearly every other Gibson book as an ardent Cyberpunk fan, so I am eager to check it out.

Had an early morning after the dogs woke me up at 4:30 and I couldn't fall back asleep. Since then today has been spent coding, watching Mr Robot, as well as the Champions League semifinal. Today's code work has been cleaning up processing, file uploads, ability to delete posts, and a few other things. Very happy with my progress today.

The finale of Mr Robot was excellent. I bounced off the show in season 3, after also failing to finish season 2. On recommendation from a friend I went back and binge'd it and really enjoyed it. The show is complex and jarring, but watching it in a binge rather than each week really helped me stay with it. Good stuff. Highly recommend it for anyone who tried before.

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