Monday, August 17th, 2020

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Handmade Manifesto (

Not handmade as in crafts, but it is a manifesto to software developers about focusing more on the craft and making better software that runs better.

From the about page:
"We're a small group of programmers and idealists who are trying to make programming better for everyone. And we think the best way to do that is by collecting the best, down-to-earth programming projects in one place and building a community of the most talented programmers and most eager learners we can find. "

Washington state is changing it's Covid-19 test reporting (

It seems like a sound decision and change to make to more properly reflect results, but I have two gripes:

  1. Why make the change now and not months ago?

  2. The reporting dashboard to see how the state is trending is essentially offline while they make the change.

Daryl Bem, his research on ESP, and the changes it brought to Psychology Research (

The article's clickbait title which got me to read it was, "Daryl Bem Proved ESP Is Real" - Important context that you might want. First, no he doesn't. Second, this article is from 2017 and not some recent development. Third, psychology research is difficult because people are complex beings.

The Women Who Fought Against the Vote ( 🗝️)

The Antis, scholars note, were not simply saying that women should just stay home. Instead, many believed that participating in the grubby world of party politics would undermine women's distinct strength: their nonpartisan, politically disinterested commitment to the public good.

Grover did a spoof of the Old Spice ads. (

I had never seen it and it is delightful.

Were you aware Seattle is in a bit of a heatwave? I am. It is hot. Yesterday peaked around 98 degrees and today feels close to the same though it's only forecast to peak in the high 80s today.

How to Argue With a Racist (

A book by podcaster and science communicator Adam Rutherford. I have added this to my to-read list.

Flip through the virtual tour, at photo 30 is when it gets interesting (

Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop ( 🗝️)

An article from twelve years ago, but it came up during a discussion today so I went and found it. A good look at the guy who manages (I think he is still doing it) the worlds and continuity for the SW universe.

Samsung's new wireless ear "beans" look hilarious but this article gave me more insight behind what led to them (

Some serious Winamp nostalgia in this article (

Click to progress and see some of the awesome and awful skins that were out there

Project YUJ -- Reethigowla Blues (

Found on /r/listentothis on reddit. It is described as "Indian Carnatic Blues/Prog" in terms of music genre. All I know is I really enjoyed it.

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