Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

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Up, showered, and starting my workday. I am expecting a repairman for the second attempt at repairing one of our recliners. Fingers crossed, since it's been a five month ordeal given the impact of Covid.

There is a new usecase for Glowbug which my system does not yet handle well, and that is when I blip things before I've read them. Normally they would (and sometimes still do) get added to my Pocket app, but I've found myself finding an article (such as this article on GQ about Jaron Lanier) and blipping it without having read it.

Now, the system is such that I can easily open the link and read it from the Glowbug admin page, but it's in the queue to be published. What if I don't read it by then? Then I have to manually remove it. Hardly a huge inconvenience but still not the proper workflow.

Right now I think the solution is that links added via bookmarklet will be marked as "to read" and they won't be exported if they have that flag on them. But I'm still thinking it over. We will see if I come up with a better workflow.

Africa declared free of wild polio (

GQ interview with Jaron Lanier (

There are a few people in Silicon Valley who are shamans of sort. Jaron is one of them. This was a bit lightweight despite its efforts to dig in on some big questions about today.

The 37 Basic Dramatic Situations of any story (

Anesthesiologist Claire Rezba started tracking lost health workers to Covid-19 (

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