Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

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Sometimes, for no good reason, I end up awake for several hours in the middle of the night. Last night being one such occasion. I woke up at 2:30 and then could not fall back asleep until after 5. So I ended up sleeping about 90 minutes later than usual and I still feel exactly.

A friend introduced me to it last night. It is this weird constantly running fantasy baseball pick'em of made up teams, entirely programmatically driven? I think? It's weird and delightful and vaguely unsettling.

Adam Savage Makes A Custom Apron

Adam Savage's Tested videos have been a staple of my media consumption during the pandemic. He has proven to be a huge source of comfort and inspiration during these months and I particularly enjoyed this one-day build of his new apron.

My short night got the better of me and I took a nap this afternoon. Normally I am firmly anti nap in general, once I'm awake for the day I try to power through. Today was an exception as I was dealing with a pounding headache and the aches of a body that didn't get its needed rest. Not fun.

Thankfully the nap made a big difference and I'm feeling much better.

Today I learned that Seattle staged a General Strike in 1919

65,000 workers walked off the job for five days in protest of WWI wage controls, inspired by the Russian revolution.

Black Lives Matter

"Take a long, hard look down the road you will have to travel once you have made a commitment to work for change. Know that this transformation will not happen right away. Change often takes time. It rarely happens all at once. In the movement, we didn't know how history would play itself out. When we were getting arrested and waiting in jail or standing in unmovable lines on the courthouse steps, we didn’t know what would happen, but we knew it had to happen." - John Lewis

Tonight the athletes again forced the conversation into the limelight, the reminder, the discussion of what is laid bare in regards to how our police and racial inequality continually is revealed. People will say for them to just play. That sports are an escape from politics and the world--That is the point of this. If your refuges disappear then you are forced to face the issue.

Justice for Jacob Blake

Hurricane Laura is on the verge of Category 5

Hurricanes are no joke. I grew up in Florida and while we avoided any serious damage, it was always a point of stress and fear. I never had to deal with a Category 5. Nature is no joke.

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