Friday, September 25th, 2020

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I am in the midst of reading "A Mind At Play," a biography of Claude Shannon. I've just reached the part where he joins Bell Labs and thinking of that organization as I drifted off to sleep I began thinking of moonshot groups. Google, rather Alphabet, has the most well known in its X. But surely other companies today have it.

Bell Labs was funded by AT&T and an electrical company. The big companies in the world, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, all feel that they are on the scale that they should have moonshot teams. But what about Apple? Or Comcast/Xfinity/AT&T?

Just thinking how we would benefit from companies reinvesting profits into the future of the world as they pursue progresses and give great minds the freedom to explore and research things under a wide purview.

"Consistency starts with consistency in your choices." - Jose Mourinho

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