Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

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Watching a few episodes of The Expanse to start my morning and I'm reminded that when I read the first novel, I mentally pronounced the ship's name as "Rock-innate." In some ways, I find joy in those sort of mistakes. As a child, I read the name of Beetle Bailey as "Beat-lee Bailey" which entertained my mother to no end.

After 14 years a person has been found based on their first name and picture (

In 2006, UK-based game company Mind Candy tested the theory of six degrees of separation as part of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). They gave us a photograph of a man, a name, and the Japanese characters that translate to "Find me".

In 2020, thanks to the power of community, that person has been found!

I share this less because of how they found the person, that is rather underwhelming through reverse image search, but rather that the dogged 14 year challenge has finally been solved.

It is interesting to consider that there is a horizon for every puzzle, that at some point in the future every puzzle gets solved. It makes logical sense but it highlights progress in a way I had not considered before. The puzzle creators, challenging the players to find a person, never imagined the solution being computers gaining enough power and data for reverse image searching faces, etc.

My morning thus far:

In response to a question on /r/AskHistorians, a great post discussing the ties of the Antebellum south and service in local militia (/r/AskHistorians)

The cliche of Southern gentleman all being called 'Colonel' is one fairly grounded in truth. Not to say they were all Colonels, as many also would go by Major, or Captain, but military rank was an honor borne by many men of the Antebellum South... yet, of course, this during a time when the US maintained a tiny standing army, and one hallmarked by stagnation of rank to boot.

Comments on a Static Site (

As I've been making Glowbug, I've been considering comments on posts and how/if I want to implement it. Came across this post from someone using an interesting idea: A simple Javascript based solution which makes use of the Mastodon/Fedverse open platform structure for feeding comments back.

I don't know if I'll go that way, but it is an interesting idea.

The Dogs of 2020 (

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