Thursday, December 31st, 2020

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Anil Dash - Personal Digital Reset (

I don't plan to follow the same plan, but I do a few similar things. Namely backing up data and social accounts, I always download my Twitter archives at the end of each year.

I've also thought about doing the same thing he's doing in regards to email, that is deprecating the account I've used for decades in hopes of shedding spam and junk mail (which is by my quick math,

Deepfake created by the South Park Creators (

Deepfakes feel like the looming threat of the past decade, and without them even becoming truly weaponized we are suffering a crisis of truth in society. If they do becomes truly weaponized I wonder what impact they will have, or will this long burn and preparation for the moment they arrive be suitable social inoculation or not?

Kubrick could have directed a Le Carre movie but chose not too (

Unhappily, the problem is still pretty much as I fumbled and bumbled it out to you on the phone yesterday. Essentially: how do you tell a story it took the author 165,000 (my guess) good and necessary words to tell, with 12,000 words (about the number of words you get to say in a two hour movie, based on 150wpm speaking rate, less 30% silence and action) without flattening everybody into gingerbread men?

(Found via Daring Fireball)

2020 += 1

For 2020, my driving goal was to create more. Overall I think I was successful, though I suppose I could always have done more, especially in light of moving to work from home during Covid. That said, here are the top-of-mind things I did for creating:

For 2021 I am looking for two core driving goals:

(Also, in writing this post I discovered a bug in Glowbug and I had to fix it prior to publishing this post, humorously.)

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