Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

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There's a story idea that I've been kicking around for a few weeks I've got the brief pitch of the concept in my head, and I've got some ideas of things that happen along the way - but there is a lot to fill in and figure out still.

WaPo hears recording of Trump and croneys pressuring Georgia's Raffensperger to change election in his favor

It's harder and harder to imagine that this country survives if we simply forgive this White House and all who supported this blatant attempt to undermine the electoral process.

Shawn Kemp talks weed and the white dominance of the cannabis industry

A great financial process for people looking to take control of their finances

Written by a friend and coworker of mine, Bill is one of my go-to financial guys when I have questions and this post from 2016 (which he re-shared and reminded me of today) is a great primer for folks looking for a step by step tutorial on how to drive your finances.

In 1957 Walt Disney drew the empire he was trying to build

A collection of quotes from by Kevin Kelly through 2020 and shared in their email newsetter Recomendo

Regular Life Resumes Tomorrow

I've spent much of today forcing myself to not acknowledge that tomorrow my 2-week end-of-year break comes to an end. It's a definite perk of working for Wizards, and something I deeply enjoy as a chance to recharge after the year's work for the company. Obviously with Covid, it is a bit different. I'm not going into the office, tomorrow morning I'll be opening a different laptop - that's the difference.

Aside from my workday, I've also got a few new ideas for Glowbug's development this week:

But, with that said, and with the return of real work - my time to fiddle with Glowbug will diminish. So we will see when I get to each of these items.

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