Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

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Sounders Re-Sign Schmetzer

It was never really in doubt, but glad the deal is reportedly done. Now the question is if Pineda will remain as an assistant or is getting a new job as a head coach somewhere else.

Worth noting that the USPS is continuing to do its job when it comes to elections and mail-in ballots

All eyes are on Georgia today and the election results for the Senate seats.

I still am very frustrated that news coverage of elections simply reflects land mass and not relative population on their graphics. This is part of what leads to the false belief of stolen elections.

I am exceedingly proud of myself for not letting myself be glued to coverage of today's Senate election. That is, I'm not just watching MSNBC or other news coverage. I will admit I have the NYT open to track their election needles, but otherwise I am watching Britain's Taskmaster and sorting Magic cards for my selfcare as the election is counted.

Out of curiosity I visited Reddit's /r/conservative to see what they were saying about the Georgia Senate race and I was quite entertained by the person bemoaning the fact that Georgia's pro-business laws (which led to its prevalence for shooting for Hollywood) attracting more liberals and thus turning the state blue.

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