Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

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Has anyone seen GA Senate election maps which changes the counties into dots of population? Again, seeking to give a better overall visual of voting population that than the landmass of Georgia.

So the reason for the tweetstorm this morning (though I've since deleted all the tweets) is that I can tweet from Glowbug, but it isn't properly grabbing the URL of the created tweet. So I have to make tweets to figure out why the code isn't parsing the response from Twitter properly.

Later, it suddenly stopped returning URLs for the tweets altogether. Initially it was that the URL was in the response but I wasn't grabbing it correctly, but then it stopped returning them altogether. I guess my next step is making a second API call to get the most recent tweet, but that seems dumb and annoying. This integration was supposed to be so simple but it's proving to be one of the more challenging pieces of Glowbug.

I'll figure it out eventually.

Unrelated to anything, but a friend shared this on Facebook and I wanted to share here as I think it is a critical thing that people don't understand or don't consciously consider:

It's not consent unless there is a choice. A 'yes' doesn't mean anything unless saying 'no' is a safe and comfortable option available.

Having caught up on The Expanse I am back to watching American Gods while I work. I've watched it (and read the book by Neil Gaiman), but I still enjoy it so it's nice to revisit before next season.

I am watching the news and both utterly shocked and unsurprised by what is unfolding today in Washington D.C.

A social post from a friend today:

I have the same feeling watching this that I had when I saw the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center. Things are terrible, and different for the rest of our lives.

Today has given me a feature idea for Glowbug, and it may simply be something that I automate: at the end of each day, I pull the day's tweets into a post for a private archive here. And on top of that, I might take my Twitter archive and turn it into a daily archive on Glowbug. Because there are days like today which are historic on a global or national scale, and then there are of course the days which are more important personally and capturing posts like that in an archive as part of the site.

I tweeted this:

Dear Hollywood - No movies about today. None. This isn't a moment in history to glorify in any way. Documentaries are what is needed. Talk to people, show what lead to today, but don't make it entertainment. Make it fact

To expand on it slightly, I don't want a movie glorifying either side here. I don't us to mythologize this moment. Educate from this moment. Let's have a documentary about the farce of misinformation and how it drove people to this moment. This moment is a stain on the history of our country, both in how it came to happen on the day, but also the farce that partisan politics allowed the misinformation and propaganda campaign to exist for months since the election.

I fully want to see a multi-week inquest and investigation over today and what lead up to it. Make it C-SPAN non-stop. Then bring charges to those who perpetrated the Trump lies and the narrative of the stolen election. Expel members of the House and Senate who fed into this lie. Establish new policies and rules for security, keep the National Guard ready to roll such that future days where we confirm the electoral college cannot be disrupted in the same way.

WaPo Editorial Board: Trump caused the assault on the Capitol. He must be removed.

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S refusal to accept his election defeat and his relentless incitement of his supporters led Wednesday to the unthinkable: an assault on the U.S. Capitol by a violent mob that overwhelmed police and drove Congress from its chambers as it was debating the counting of electoral votes. Responsibility for this act of sedition lies squarely with the president, who has shown that his continued tenure in office poses a grave threat to U.S. democracy. He should be removed.

1954 United States Capitol shooting

I wasn't aware of this event in the country's history. Sharing to educate others.

What it was like for a reporter to be evacuated from the U.S. Capitol

I intended to be asleep by now but I can't sleep and I'm sitting here watching the idiotic dronings of people objecting to this election. 2021 is off to a rough start.

Alright, it's late, I'm ornery. Time to give this Twitter API bug another go. I came up with another way to identify the tweet's URL, and we'll see if this works.

Black Lives Matter

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