Friday, January 15th, 2021

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Galaxy S21 Ultra Might Make Me Switch

Ever since I got my Note 9, I've been loving it. No phone released since I got it has wooed me. But reading reviews and seeing some YT videos (like this one from MKBHD) are getting me interested. Though, as MKBHD hypothesizes there may be a new Note series phone this year, maybe I should just wait.

Best of /r/AskHistorians 2020 Posts

/r/AskHistorians on Reddit is one of the true joys of that site. The mods keep a very stringent hold on quality that is acceptable, which means a lot of questions go unanswered or empty threads. Sometimes that engenders frustration when posts that might have been good enough get removed. But what this leads to is very high quality when it does clear the bar. And this post is the collection of the best of the best. Definitely worth perusing!

White House doesn't know what happened to Lincoln bust

Well... that's not great

National Rifle Association files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Good. Fuck them.

I'm all for responsible gun ownership, but NRA has been a tool of the gun industry and not the consumer. Blocking responsible reform (AND RESEARCH.)

I've been subbed to Frank's YouTube channel for months (thus why we're on a first name basis) and I love many of his covers but this might be my favorite. I was reminded of it by my friend Shivam on Twitter today.

Truly wonderful news. This show was one of the bright spots of 2020.

A very funny wiki (not Wikipedia) entry about 'Freeman on the land' and their sovereign beliefs

After watching video of an anti-masker Karen in an Einstein Bagels about how her 'personhood' is being violated as well as her '1st amendment' this link was a delight.

Well, would you look at that... the code I did the morning before at 3:30am broke the site. Sorry about that folks. Fixed now.

Proud Boys Intended To Kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, FBI Witness Says

No level-headed person can be surprised by this.

State of Glowbug

My dev backlog is as follows:

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