Sunday, January 24th, 2021

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The Towering Inferno - 🔥🔥🔥/5

I was in the mood for a disaster movie last night, so Katie and I watched The Towering Inferno (1974), starring Paul Newman & Steve McQueen. Overall it was good, though in the modern day felt kind of quaint in its effects and narrative.

1/24/2021 10:06 am | | Tags: review, movies

A great visualization of why it's a big deal that we have Vice President Harris

1/24/2021 10:08 am | | Tags: us politics, us history, politics, black lives matter

A "Live" Covid Vaccination Tracker

1/24/2021 10:18 am | | Tags: covid 19, pandemic, vaccinations

In case anyone was unsure, Hidden Figures still remains an amazing movie

I put it on the TV while I was making chili this morning. I saw it when it came out in theaters and I came home to immediately told every friend who would listen to go see it and I stand by that assessment. It reminds you simultaneously about the social low of segregation and that what is going on today is not a new issue, while also reminding you the amazing heights to which humanity can rise if given the opportunity.

1/24/2021 10:28 am | | Tags: movies, review, space, nasa, space race, segregation

The business of being a Youtuber with MKBHD

The Verge interviews YouTuber Marques Brownlee, you can choose to listen or read the transcript. While there is no juicy revelation, it's a good overview of his team and how the channel works, as well as some hints of things in the works.

1/24/2021 11:05 am | | Tags: interview, podcast, youtube

It seems unlikely Trump will build a presidential library

Some good insights into Presidential libraries. It definitely corrected and informed me as I assumed they were part of a natonal program, rather than something done individually before being donated to the government. It also highlights the obstacles building one is likely to face, things we know Trump is not good at dealing with. It's most likely that someone else builds one under Trump's branding as some sort of licensing endeavor.

1/24/2021 2:06 pm | | Tags: us politics, library

What the Capitol insurgency reveals about white supremacy and law enforcement

America should be honest about the fact that while many people are attracted to law enforcement because they truly want to protect and serve, there are others who seek out these jobs because they want to enforce white supremacist ideologies. Enforcing these ideologies means relegating pursuits of racial equity and criminalizing Blackness. For white supremacists, Blackness is viewed as an antithesis to white supremacy and anyone who actively and overtly embraces racial equity is a potential target of violence, even when the people doing the violence wear a badge.

1/24/2021 5:36 pm | | Tags: white supremacy, police, racism

Javascript is a weird language and today as I was changing stuff on the admin side, I caused a bug in the pagination of the posts where it normally outputs a selection and elides the majority of the pages. Instead it was giving me all 25 pages. It was because I was grabbing the current page from the URL, so javascript was seeing the number as a string. One 'parseInt()' function later I've got it fixed, but it took me a while to debug this one silly thing.

1/24/2021 6:21 pm | | Tags: programming, glowbug, javascript

SpaceX sets world record number of satellites launched from single launch

1/24/2021 8:39 pm | | Tags: space, spacex

John Fetterman had a moment this past campaign, I will be curious to see where his political career takes him

"Getting on Twitter every morning's like starting the day with a dog-turd-and-motor-oil smoothie," Fetterman told contributor Mark Whitaker. "It's horrible. You gotta form that phalanx and push back against that. And I do that in a way that mixes kind of humor and mockery with cold, hard facts."

1/24/2021 9:35 pm | | Tags: us politics, pennsylvania, twitter, liberal, democrats
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