Monday, January 25th, 2021

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Happy In-dog-uration

Today is the day that Champ and Major, the first dogs, arrive at the Whitehouse. The Bidens wanted to settle in before bringing the dogs from Delaware.


1/25/2021 7:31 am | | Tags: whitehouse, us politics, dogs

Sound of Silence - Cover by Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party is a PNW personality who gained a bit of national attention after appearing on America's Got Talent. I was brought back to this cover after another of his video's appeared on my feed.

1/25/2021 7:54 am | | Tags: music, cover, youtube

Harbor Air (known here in Seattle as they operate regional flights out of Lake Washington) is resuming tests on all electric seaplane

1/25/2021 10:17 am | | Tags: electric, airlines, travel

Biden revives push to put Tubman on the $20

Let's get Jackson off the currency and hopefully we can start adding more contemporary American heroes to US currency. Scientists, inventors, civil rights, suffrage movement, etc. Plenty of people important to honor beyond the founding fathers and Presidents.

1/25/2021 12:34 pm | | Tags: us politics, economics, us history

It was a busy day that kept me buried and not reading headlines or anything as my normal means of multitasking throughout the day. But now work is done, and I can unwind. Ordered pizza and now watching old music videos with the wife, life is good.

1/25/2021 6:29 pm | | Tags: life, personal

Time to start a new farm

![](// 19_37_44-Stardew Valley.png)

1/25/2021 7:38 pm | | Tags: personal, gaming, stardew valley
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