Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

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Wednesday Weekly Trivia #2

Week two of the weekly trivia feature on my blog. Each week centers around a central theme. Last week's can be found here. This week's theme is: "Four Score"

  1. FORTRAN is one of computing's oldest programming languages. It was developed in the 1950s by what computing giant?
  2. In golf, if you make it into the hole one under par, you score a birdie. One over? A bogey. Two over is a double bogey. What is the term used to describe if you make it into the hole two below par?
  3. We've all gotten 404 error pages online. These occur when a server can't find a page that a user was linked to. This error was created in the early days of the Internet as a result of a webmaster named Peter Flynn, when he moved a page on his server without notifying the father of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, who linked to that page. Peter Flynn was employed by the college for what four-letter Irish city?
  4. University of Wisconsin's mascot is Bucky the Badger, which is designed in the likeness of a North American badger. Along with it, there are two other biologically similar badger varieties: Eurasian badgers and Asian hog badgers. One other is also commonly referenced, even if it is a bit different biologically. What is the fourth badger breed?
  5. Doctor Doom is considered the most iconic villain the Fantastic Four faced. But, he was not the first villain they faced. That was "____ man," who appeared in Marvel's Fantastic Four #1. The Incredibles, also a team of four superheroes, pay homage to this villain their movies.

Hover below, or click for the answers:

1. IBM - 2. Eagle - 3. Cork, Ireland - 4. Honey badger - 5. Mole man

As before, send me your suggestions for a trivia theme and if I like it, I'll use it in a future week!

2/3/2021 6:09 am | | Tags: weekly trivia

Luxury High Rise in NYC Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

There have been a number of floods in the building, including two leaks in November 2018 that the general manager of the building, Len Czarnecki, acknowledged in emails to residents. The first leak, on Nov. 22, was caused by a "blown" flange, a ribbed collar that connects piping, around a high-pressure water feed on the 60th floor. Four days later, a "water line failure" on the 74th floor caused water to enter elevator shafts, removing two of the four residential elevators from service for weeks.

Adam Savage's videos from his workshop have been an absolutely massive source of entertainment for me in the past year.

2/3/2021 12:22 pm | | Tags: maker, craftsmanship

Definite upside of Covid forcing work from home: It is easy enough to do some not-immediate cooking during lunch. I just whipped together a quiche after my last morning meeting wrapped up.

2/3/2021 12:23 pm | | Tags: cooking, covid 19

Parler CEO ousted by board

Dasvidanya, comrade

2/3/2021 6:03 pm | | Tags: social media, business

South Korea Leads World in Innovation as U.S. Exits Top Ten

2/3/2021 7:36 pm | | Tags: world politics, technology

This evening after I finished up work I sat down to tackle the final major component of the new tagging feature for the blog: a page to manage tags. This constitutes largely a page that lists off every tag, and gives me three functions:

Knocked it out with about 2 total hours of coding for front and backend. Could have probably done it faster, but I spent some time chasing a ghost of a bug - that is, I got an error page and couldn't figure out the issue because I had forgotten to upload the updated code file. Whoops.

2/3/2021 10:20 pm | | Tags: programming, glowbug

A look at Andy Jassy

I knew nearly nothing about Andy Jassy, this was a good brief overview given the news that he is replacing Bezos later this year.

2/3/2021 10:20 pm | | Tags: amazon, business
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