Thursday, February 4th, 2021

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Today is an exciting day. It's the day I get a new work laptop. I don't think it is much of an upgrade, at least I know the RAM on the machine is equal to what I currently have, but I am always eager to move to a new PC. It lets me shed the various apps and bits which accumulate like barnacles, the longer you use a machine. The one I am using has a few issues that I am hoping the new one solves or improves. Fingers crossed.

Also, an excuse to get out of the house.

2/4/2021 9:10 am | | Tags: computer, personal, work, work from home

A good review of Biden's Cabinet, and update on how it is progressing

2/4/2021 9:51 am | | Tags: us politics, whitehouse

Super Mario World music restored

A group of superfans have begun reverse engineering? Sourcing? I don't know how exactly they are finding the songs, but they are putting up the soundtrack from Super Mario World at the uncompressed (aka like it was played and not rendered down to fit on a cartridge.)

2/4/2021 7:19 pm | | Tags: music, video games, nostalgia

U.S. House strips Republican Greene of committee assignments

I hate the amount of crazy this loony is getting. She doesn't deserve it. It only helps her grow as a representative for the fringe conservatives, seeing her as attacked. "This is America, of course she can believe whatever she wants!" Just shove this shitstain under the rug and let's ignore her and not make her a star.

I also loved the note that someone on Reddit posted: the person to announce the total of the votes was Rep. Jahana Hayes who represents Newtown, CT. (where Sandy Hook took place.)

Lastly, the votes between removed Greene by GOP was 11 members, the votes to remove Liz Cheney from her committees was 61 members of the GOP. Just disgusting and absurd two-faced nature.

2/4/2021 7:26 pm | | Tags: us politics

2/4/2021 7:40 pm | | Tags: music, superbowl
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