Monday, February 8th, 2021

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I found this word and posted it to Facebook two years ago:

This Turkish word is used to describe the love that is between two people. "If a Turk says that he is in love (Aşık) with somebody, it is not a love that a person can feel for his or her parents; it is just for one person, and it indicates a huge infatuation."

2/8/2021 2:27 pm | | Tags: turkish, love

Colorado Public Radio looked into Boebert's mileage claim

CPR News documented 129 locations where Boebert's campaign hosted a publicly advertised event or where her presence was documented on social media or by the news media.

The events ranged from Denver to Grand Junction, Pueblo and numerous other smaller cities.

If she drove roundtrip from her home in the Western Slope town of Silt to each of those destinations, Boebert would have accumulated about 30,000 miles, according to calculations performed with route-planning software.

Looks pretty cut and dry to me. She had an intern do her paperwork for mileage and assumed no one would challenge it, the approach is logical and meant that likely other people were following the same methodology.

2/8/2021 2:36 pm | | Tags: us politics

Elizebeth Friedman was the First Female Cryptanalyst

There is a serious need for us to give this woman a movie, given that she was forced to live in the shadow of those who took credit for her work until 2008. I can't wait to check out the PBS documentary, and the book it is based on.

2/8/2021 4:02 pm | | Tags: history, programming, encryption

Olivia Wilde Details 'No Assholes' Set Policy

I'm going to level with you, at first I was into Olivia Wilde for being hot. I'm not ashamed to admit it. It was her role as '13' on House which introduced me to her, and since then I've checked her out in other roles. Then seeing her move into the director's seat has shown her excellent talent.

2/8/2021 4:24 pm | | Tags: acting, hollywood

I will mourn Rep. Ron Wright as one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of Covid-19

2/8/2021 5:04 pm | | Tags: covid 19, us politics

I wonder if the someone who berated me for not watching the CSPAN feed of Clinton's Benghazi investigations, as were discussing the stupidity of electing Trump over her, will be as glued to CSPAN for the second impeachment trial of his disgrace-of-a-President?

2/8/2021 7:39 pm | | Tags: us politics, musing

I'm binge watching Suits and it just reminded me of how Google acquired Meebo back in the day. If you go to you can see their "joined Google" message from 2012, which is that they joined to work on Google+. This sort of thing happens all the time, whether it's acquiring them for technical tools, or for talent within the company, it still ends up taking away offerings from consumers.

The sunsetting of projects after a company acquires other tools to be part of it is the real crime and it feels like that happens 99% of the time.

The Google graveyard is one thing, but I wonder what it looks like if you include all the companies they acquired over the years as well.

2/8/2021 7:56 pm | | Tags: google, silicon valley

Norway earns a nice slowclap

2/8/2021 11:30 pm | | Tags: superbowl, ad, commercial
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