Saturday, February 27th, 2021

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Pick'em 3.0

This morning, coding work on a complete rewrite of one of my other coding projects begins. In 2016 I created a website to run a casual MLS Pick'em with friends. I had run it for a season or two via an extremely complicated Google Sheet and the website was the next iteration. Over the years the code has grown more and more troublesome to update and last year that problem was exacerbated as Covid forced a truly awful (from the coding standpoint) series of exceptions and things I had to rework on-the-fly.

So, with the new season starting in the middle of April, I am setting out to do a complete rewrite. Some of it will be inherited from the previous version, or informed by it, but I intend 95% or more of it to be rewritten and cleaned up.

It is written in PHP and MySQL with some JavaScript. Today is primarily about laying groundwork. I had written out my expected database schema, today I'm implementing it in MySQL and I'll set up the git codebase, etc. We'll see how far I go.

2/27/2021 6:18 am | | Tags: programming, pick'em

Yesterday I ran a Twitter poll to ask what to call a new Raspberry Pi I ordered this week. I currently have 'klopp' which is a Raspberry Pi 3b that operates as my house's Pi Hole, and also runs a Discord bot. Due to running Pi Hole on the machine, it was less than ideal as a dev webserver, so I ordered a new one.

The question was obviously what to call it. I decided I liked the idea of naming my Pi machines after soccer coaches but I couldn't decide on what to call the new one. So I put out a poll with three options and opening it up for other ideas:

After the poll closed, the decision is to honor the Seattle Sounders legend and current headcoach: Brian Schmetzer. So, once Amazon delivers later today, I'll set schmetz up as a home dev and web server. I'm not exposing it to the Internet as whole, this is purely for my home network for coding projects.

This week K and I got an elliptical / "recumbent bike" home workout device. It took me about 4 hours to assemble, spread over the course of two evenings. The reality is that the "recumbent bike" is more a pedal-based interface for the elliptical which allows leg movement which is slightly ovoid. Up to today I've taken it easy and just done soft cardio, but tonight I utilized our iFit subscription (part of buying this equipment) and did a thirty minute cardio workout.

I was surprised how motivating the video workout class was. I worked up a great sweat and will be trying it again either tomorrow or Monday.

2/27/2021 8:31 pm | | Tags: exercise
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