Monday, March 1st, 2021

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Ten years ago I visited Seattle for the first time

It was March 1st, 2011 that my wife and I first visited Seattle after flying across the country. Little did we know that we'd be living here just over 9 months later.

3/1/2021 8:50 am | |
Tags: memories, seattle, life

Light Years Ahead | The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer (

The YouTube algorithm knows me well. It gave me an hour long lecture that discusses the amazing engineering of the computer that drove the Apollo mission to the moon. Dense and well communicated, I quite enjoyed it.

3/1/2021 8:51 am | |
Tags: space, nasa, computer

Schmetz is Live

After a fair bit of fiddling, Schmetz, the newest Raspberry Pi in my house, to be used as my home development webserver, is up and running! Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin... it took some fiddling for various weird behaviors but we got there and I'm now developing on a local instance of my current coding project. Later tonight or tomorrow I'll set up Glowbug on it.

Up to now my secret shame has been web developing on live. It's not something I'm proud o,f but for the scale of projects I'm working on, it's been fine. But this is obviously far better and will make bigger developments for ongoing projects possible.

3/1/2021 6:35 pm | |
Tags: programming, raspberry pi

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