Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

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Brazil is getting vaccines from China

Which is good, they need them. I was speaking with a friend in Sao Paulo yesterday and she was telling me how bad it has gotten there. They have more daily cases than we have here in the US, and we have 1.5x their population. They still aren't as bad as the US was during it's peak, but that is still a bad place for them to be.

3/17/2021 7:45 am | | Tags: covid 19, pandemic, world politics

Monsanto's Plastic "Home of the Future" at Disneyland

I am not a huge Disney fanboy, but I appreciate a lot of what Walt did. This video is a fascinating video about one of the attractions that came and went before my time, but is still a part of many people's mental image of Disney. What is interesting is that this video was the first time I learned that it was driven by Monsanto, which today is best known for its agriculture efforts.

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