Thursday, March 18th, 2021

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The Human Bean (

Resident Alien - 3/5 (based on 2 episodes) (

Last night I checked out Alan Tudyk's new drama on Syfy. Alan plays an alien trying to blend in to humanity while he searches for his device which will destroy the human race after crash landing on the planet. I did just read that it has been renewed for a second season, so I am looking forward to watching more of the show and see where it goes.

3/18/2021 9:49 am | |
Tags: television, media

Warren, AOC and others propose $500 Billion Bill for Green Mass Transit ( 🗝️)

It's a bit over a year since Warren dropped out of the Presidential race and I'm still sad I'm not writing President Warren, but things like this are still amazing and I can only hope that the Democrat control allows us to see some sweeping changes like this.

3/18/2021 2:26 pm | |
Tags: us politics, climate change

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