Friday, October 8th, 2021

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Thinking about November for this year. Last year I wrote a (bad) novel. I have another idea for a novel that I might tackle this year. However I'm also toying with the idea of, rather than writing a book, binge-ing and writing an app for the phone. A month-long "hackathon" sort of thing.

The thing I'm considering is a podcast app. I have one "killer feature" for it, which is the ability to group/tag podcasts and then select playlists based on the group or tag. Want to listen to the news on your morning commute? Here's today's news podcasts from NPR, the New York Times, etc. Want something to laugh at while you work, hit your comedy group. Etc.

We'll see. I'm toying with the idea. I haven't written an Android app in years. Maybe I'll dive into it again for NaAppHackMo - National App Hackathon Month

10/8/2021 8:57 am | | Tags: programming, november, podcast
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