Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

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New Project Idea - Scrib

I make frequent use of Google's Keep as my place for short easy notes. I also sometimes use Samsung Notes, as a by product of my writing on my phone (Note 9), but those are almost entirely scribbles as I lay in bed and want to write an idea down.

I want a note taking tool which lets me grab random thoughts and save them. They might be quotes, or ideas, or reminders. They might often be half-baked.

This idea actually came as I am rethinking my personal organization and figuring out how best to build it.


  1. Be able to scribble a note within two clicks on my phone.
  2. Make the referencing of these notes more useful

#2 is where both Keep and Samsung's notes tool falls down. They are just the digital equivalent of yellow sticky notes. I want to have it be smarter at organizing notes by date, as well as by identifying keywords. If the word 'D&D' appears in multiple notes, then I want that word linked to a page which pulls all notes which use that word. I'd like to do it even for phrases, but am not sure how taxing that is processing wise.

I'm going to keep doodling on a design for the project, and then I'll add it to my coding roadmap.

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Tags: programming, project, note taking, organization, ideas

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