Monday, January 10th, 2022

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As noted previously, it is time I replace Turk. Its replacement arrives tomorrow, and I have decided to name it Ted, after Ted Lasso. A fun merging of my naming conventions between TV characters (Marvin & Turk) and my server names after soccer coaches (Klopp & Schmetz.)

I have been running Lubuntu on Turk, largely to ensure it ran well on the older hardware. Ted will be a much newer and more powerful laptop. Not quite top tier, but definitely leagues ahead of Turk. Given that, I am planning to keep Ted as a dual boot system, with it running Windows as well as Linux. I have decided to give OpenSUSE a go, so we will see how I like it. Otherwise I might soon be replacing it with Ubuntu or one of its variants.

The new machine will arrive tomorrow, and with it I'll begin moving in.

1/10/2022 12:52 pm | | Tags: laptop, technology

I've been enjoying 'Vigil' - it's a BBC show that is streaming on Peacock. Definitely recommend others check it out.

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