Saturday, March 5th, 2022

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Do you believe in God? I know it's a personal question. I do. And I think He was pretty awesome to make relativity a thing, don't you? The faster you go, the less time you experience. It's like He's inviting us to explore the universe, you know?

Religion is not a thing I feel particularly strongly for these days, but I really like this passage from Hail Mary. I've been greatly enjoying the book and am within a stone's throw of finishing it.

PS - Glowbug idea, a growing list of 'auto replacements' for known links. For example, I could add 'Hail Mary' and have it be italicized and linked to the book listing online. Will need to think on it, adding it to the coding backlog.

3/5/2022 9:50 am | |
Tags: books, scifi, andy weir, religion, god

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