Monday, March 7th, 2022

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A Look Back at my Week Off

I took the last week of work off. Primarily for my wife's birthday, but also just for mental health and using my vacation time over the course of the year. Today, I head back to from home. Well, today will be work from home, then I'll go back to the office for most of this week.

Over last week I coded on personal projects a fair bit, including starting something new to play with. I read a great deal, finishing two books. I caught up on some TV and movies. And largely just enjoyed a relaxing staycation week. K and I went to a local "castle" for two nights, just to change scenery and explore some, but it was also fairly low key.

This is the castle we stayed at, "Thornewood Castle" which was a "Bed & Breakfast" though there was no breakfast.

3/7/2022 7:48 am | | Tags: vacation, mental health

I'm so happy he's producing videos again. It's such a simple concept and he does it so well.

The Problem with Jon Stewart

I forgot how much I needed Jon Stewart. For people of my generation, I can't overstate the importance of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was a huge blow for my political education when he moved on from the show. I'm thrilled he's back producing content and talking about the dystopia around me.

3/7/2022 12:59 pm | | Tags: television, streaming, apple, jon stewart

Moldova fears Russian invasion after the war in Ukraine

I can only imagine what these people are thinking. It's like watching a 2 week long gun fight at your next door neighbor's house and hoping they don't come over to your house, while the neighbor's already got a cousin staying with you.

The article makes mention of 'Transnistria.' Up until a few months ago, I'd never heard of the place. The only reason that changed was because of this YouTube video with some folks decided to go check it out:


3/7/2022 5:12 pm | | Tags: ukraine, moldova, world politics, war, russia
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