Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

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I was reminded this morning of the random blog projects I've started in the past. For example, in 2013/14 I did a Tumblr blog that looked at book covers and the variations that exist for books. Or that I started a blog which was a narrative telling of a game of FTL, talking in character. That one only made it 4 posts before I gave up. I still like that idea, maybe I'll give it another go sometime. I could also do that idea for other games, like Slay the Spire or something else.

I miss the era of experimental blogs. I still remember 'Bloggus Caesari' which was an early blog that was written as if by Julius Caesar, basing it on the letters he actually wrote.

3/30/2022 7:23 am | | Tags: blog, creativity

In a fun cosmic coincidence, today is the day that my contractors will finish work on the garage roof. It is also the same day last year that the contractors finished work on our new deck. Today is a historic day of productivity I guess.

3/30/2022 7:33 am | | Tags: coincidence, home ownership

I no longer give email marketers any mercy. Junk and block immediately. Especially with the newest trend of writing subject lines which make it seem like there is correspondence.

3/30/2022 10:53 am | | Tags: email, spam
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