Friday, May 13th, 2022

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Last night I pushed the second "big" feature for my Pick'em site. It went shockingly smoothly. I expected it to be mostly good but pretty much the only hiccup was an errant curly brace. I was shocked.

The code is the about 70% of the full feature and is mainly the functionality that is needed for the league to continue to function as planned. This weekend I'll work on the remaining 30%, which is largely administrative tools and integrating it further into a few other nooks and crannies on the site.

With the deployment though, I find myself deciding on my next coding project. I think I'll do a bit of work on 'Clerk' which is, right now, just my weight and health tracker. It needs a bit of love and I want to expand it's functionality some. But that isn't too large a project. I think after that I'm going to start work on what I'm calling 'Kontakto' which will be a personal CRM tool. It will be my second foray into making an Android app.

5/13/2022 8:56 am | | Tags: programming, android, project, pick'em
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