Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

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I just discovered I can turn off the Gmail inbox divisions (Primary / Social / Promotions / Updates / Forums) and I am thrilled. (Click the gear in the upper right, then 'Customize' under the Default Inbox Type.)

5/17/2022 7:18 am | | Tweeted | Tags: gmail, google, email, inbox

I make heavy use of an RSS reader called FreshRSS that I selfhost. I currently have it pulling in nearly 100 different RSS feeds from news, tech, science and general blogs. One feature I would love is the ability to quick filter.

Here's what I am thinking: I read an article about Pixar's new movie, Elemental. Great. I am now aware of this movie. However, it's the first day of the trailer and every outlet is rushing to cover it. I'd love to be able to add a filter that removes every post which includes "Pixar" + "Elemental" for the next 7 days.

Quick and simple, I just wouldn't see those posts. Sure, an occasional article I'd like to see might get caught by these filters, but the noise it would remove would far outweigh the possible false negative.

5/17/2022 7:48 am | | Tags: rss, ideas

Washington Drought Conditions

Given my daily life of Seattle rains and the lack of coverage I had heard about it, I didn't think Washington was struggling too much with drought this year. I forget that our eastern half is an entirely different climate. We're better off than Oregon and Idaho. Going to be an "interesting" (in the Chinese curse sense) year.

5/17/2022 7:54 am | | Tags: weather, drought, precipitation

This feels like a hell of a commentary on the modern era.

5/17/2022 5:13 pm | | Tags: amazon, robot

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