Monday, June 6th, 2022

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12 years since this episode of Dr. Who first aired

6/6/2022 6:32 am | | Tags: art, van gogh, doctor who, television

Science Fiction Is a Luddite Literature

Cory Doctorow (futurist and author) dives in on the large misconception when people think of Luddites. Below was a highlighted passage on Medium and it's just, exactly the issue we deal with today. Capitalism drives greed and rewards the haves and not the have-nots.

Instead, the owners of the factories — whose fortunes had been built on the labor of textile workers — chose to employ fewer workers, working the same long hours as before, at a lower rate than before, and pocketed the substantial savings.

6/6/2022 4:47 pm | | Tags: luddism, philosophy, economics, history

We Have Not Long to Love

By Tennessee Williams

We have not long to love.

Light does not stay.

The tender things are those

we fold away.

Coarse fabrics are the ones

for common wear.

In silence I have watched you

comb your hair.

Intimate the silence,

dim and warm.

I could but did not, reach

to touch your arm.

I could, but do not, break

that which is still.

(Almost the faintest whisper

would be shrill.)

So moments pass as though

they wished to stay.

We have not long to love.

A night. A day....

6/6/2022 7:32 pm | | Tags: love, poem
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