Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

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Statement of Teaching Philosophy

By Keith Leonard

My students want certainty. They want it

so badly. They respect science and have memorized

complex formulas. I don't know

how to tell my students their parents

are still just as scared. The bullies get bigger

and vaguer and you cannot punch a cloud.

I have eulogies for all my loved ones prepared,

but cannot include this fact in my lesson plans.

The best teacher I ever had told me to meet him

at the basketball court. We played pick-up for hours.

By the end, I lay panting on the hardwood

and couldn't so much as stand.

He told me to describe the pain in my chest,

I tried. I couldn't find the words. Not exactly.

Listen, he said, that's where language ends.

6/7/2022 8:31 am | | Tags: poem, life, language

Top Gun maker Paramount sued over copyright breach

6/7/2022 9:07 am | | Tags: movies, copyright

I’ve locked myself out of my digital life

This is the stuff of nightmares. I'll have to think hard about how I can take steps to overcome the worst case scenario. Definitely going to put some steps in place in case something like this ever happens to me.

6/7/2022 11:40 am | | Tags: technology, security, nightmare

The Surreal Case of a C.I.A. Hacker’s Revenge

6/7/2022 5:25 pm | | Tags: us politics, cia, wikileaks
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