Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

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89 Tweet thread with peer reviewed studies in favor of gender affirming care for trans kids

6/8/2022 6:45 am | | Tags: transgender, us politics

Plastic Recycling Is Working, So Ignore the Cynics - The Washington Post

There's been a lot of coverage about how plastic recycling has been a lie. I'm glad to hear it's only mostly been a lie.

6/8/2022 8:37 am | | Tags: recycling, climate change

Four years since his death. My brother reminded me of this tweet and it is so important to remember and believe.

6/8/2022 9:51 am | | Tags: wisdom, anthony bourdain

Tools for better thinking

6/8/2022 10:17 am | | Tags: brain, logic

Interview with G. Willow Wilson about her soccer fandom, Seattle, comics, publishing and writing as well as other topics

A great interview from my buddy Dave Clark. One thing that surprised me was to learn that Seattle is a UNESCO City of Literature. Not that I'm surprised that in general, just more that I haven't heard this before.

6/8/2022 1:54 pm | | Tags: episode, podcast

Saw a car with a "I love my Husky Son and Cougar Daughter" license plate wrapper. If you had no context for the local colleges, that certainly sends a different message.

6/8/2022 7:17 pm | | Tweeted | Tags: joke, seattle
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