Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

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"Drone Contraband Deliveries Are Rampant at US Prisons"

This seems wholly expected, but interesting to see it confirmed. With a new head of US Prisons, I'm hoping we see reforms from top to bottom (obviously will require larger decisions and changes to the law) but will also be curious how they go about combatting this.

I wonder if we'll see the US Prison system will use falconry as their tool of choice? Or perhaps they'll begin utilizing anti-drones.

8/3/2022 5:53 am | | Tags: technology

"Results: Kansas voters decide 'no' on the abortion amendment"

I included the tweet when it was called yesterday, but here is a write up which delves into it deeper. And given that Kansas, a conservative state, voted this way is telling.

Edit: Originally I linked to an NPR story about this news. Switching to promote, "an independent, nonprofit newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy."

8/3/2022 6:22 am | | Tags: women's rights, abortion, kansas, us politics

"Prince Estate Court Battle Finally Ends, Six Years Later"

Rolled out at a hearing Friday, the agreement paves the way for disbursement of Prince’s assets, including $6 million in cash and many times that in music rights and other intangibles. They’ll be split between three heirs and their families, their advisers, and Primary Wave — which owns roughly half of the estate.

8/3/2022 8:56 am | | Tags: music, prince

"Meet the Woman Preserving the History of Oregon's Black Loggers"

For almost 20 years, [Gwen Trice] has committed herself to documenting Maxville and Oregon’s Black logging history, eventually founding the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center, located about 40 miles from the actual town site. With the recent purchase of 240 acres of land that includes Maxville, the center plans to add additional programs and outdoor tours.


8/3/2022 11:07 am | | Tags: oregon, logging, black history

Jungle Boogie, unlike you've ever heard before (unless you've heard this one)

8/3/2022 11:13 am | | Tags: muppets, music

"The Space Force is scrapping the annual fitness test in favor of wearable trackers"

An interesting, and logical, shift. Also, it appears their Guardians will be organized in Space Base Deltas.

8/3/2022 12:48 pm | | Tags: space force, us military

"Exclusive: Jan. 6 Committee Prepares to Subpoena Alex Jones’ Texts, Emails"

8/3/2022 2:47 pm | | Tags: january 6th, us politics

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